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Welcome to Conackamack
Middle School!


Assistant Principal: Mr. Peter Sozio

 Welcome to the Conackamack Middle School home page.  We are one of three schools serving Piscataway Township for grade levels 6,7,and 8. Administrators, Teachers and Support Staff subscribe to the slogan "Children First", and are committed to providing every child with what they need to learn and grow in our community.  Our goal at Conackamack is to provide a safe, welcoming environment that is academically stimulating
and a lot of fun!


IPad Information Letter

IPad Insurance Renewal Letter for the 2016-2017 School Year

School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Dr. Kelvin Rogers
Email: krogers@pway.org Ext. 5751

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: David Rubin
Email: drubin@pway.org

The Hour of Code is coming! 
Dec. 6

Hour of Code
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informational flyer.

The Conackamack Winter Book Fair 
December 12-19

Evening Hours on December 15th

an introduction to Piscataway High School for 8th grade students and parents
January 11, 2017 
View/Prind/Download the informational invitation letter here.

Congratulations to Joan Greenwald!

Conackamack's Teacher of the Year 2015-2016


Congratulations to Sheri Russo!
Conackamack's Educational Services Paraprofessional of the year 2015-2016

SR 2015-2016

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