Donahue, Kevin




Classroom Quick Links

  • Homework
  • CDC Official Website
  • National Institute of Health Webpage
  • Piscataway School District Health Page
  • Parents can access all power point presentations, assignments and quizzes/tests on Schoology.
  • A reminder, any points lost due to being unprepared or not particpating in class may be made up by attending Fit Kids (an after school club), Cardio Club (a before the school fitness group) or by appointment with a PE teacher before or after school. Quizzes/Tests may be reattempted to improve overall knowledge or assignment score.


Classroom Announcements & Special Projects:

  1. Please be sure to check Genesis gradebook to chart your student's progress throughout the quarter. Feel free to contact me with any questions at

2. Please note: Any quiz or test grade below 70%

may be retaken for full credit, before school,

during lunch, or after school by appointment.
3. Health education classes have changed to an A/B one hour block format.