Kinney, Michael

Mr. Kinney's 7th Grade Social Studies Class

Contact Information:
Phone:732 699-1577 ext. 5136
The best ways to contact me are by email or phone during school hours.

How you can find resources to help your student:

Student’s homework assignments can be found on the calendar on the Schoology platform. Projects and related materials can be found here as well.

Many of our class activities and resources can be found in part or whole in the “Materials” section under your student’s class group.

Other tasks and notifications for our class are frequently posted as “Updates”.

Through these resources you can receive a clear picture of your student’s learning in Social Studies and the tasks that they have to complete.


Our Course:

In 7th grade we explore World History-Part One, taking us from early human history through the ancient civilizations of Africa, Asia and Europe, and thematic connections between these times and our own. Along our journey we make regular stops to develop our critical thinking, research, and communication skills.

Our grading ratios are as follows:
Tests 40%
Quizzes 30%
Classwork 15%
Homework 10%
Quarterlies 5%

Our Discovery Education Techbook can be found at this link: