Sitkowski, Boguslawa

Welcome to Mrs. S. website!

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Here are some facts about me…

Let’s see:

  • I am certified to teach Math and Special Education.
  • I love math, most importantly I love to understand how it works and how it applies in everyday life.
  • I have 2 sons Artur (17, Quarterback) and Aleks (12, quarterback and middle line backer).
  • My favorite sport is skiing.
  • My second favorite sport is football.
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • I am allergic to dogs but I love them and that’s why I have hypoallergenic dog named Lola (hypoallergenic dogs have hair not fur like most dogs) Guess who is on the picture, you guessed right it’s Lola 
  • I love technology, gadgets, and the internet. I am constantly amazed how technology benefits our everyday lives.
  • I like to read books written by people who learned something and want to share their experiences with with others.
  • Most of all I love teaching!!!