Discipline Point System

Point System


I communicate the details of the Point System, as well as the District Code of Conduct with all students, during opening day grade level assemblies, to set the tone for expectations. The District Code of Conduct supports these expected behaviors and provides a hierarchy of consequences. The Code of Conduct is available for parent and staff for review.

Here is a summary of the system:

  • Any student who receives 5 points in a marking period is excluded from any quarterly events. Teams/grade levels plan and promote the special event, which may include: dance, teacher/student contest, movie day, or activity half day program. A grade level teacher will monitor excluded students during that time. Points are assigned through the Assistant Principals Office and recorded in Genesis by the office clerk.  
  • Students who earn 15 total points in a year will be excluded from end of year activities such as the grade level trips, including the 8th grade trip. Student appeals may be scheduled and must include evidence to support improvement in behavior in order to attend events.                                                                               
  • Student Point Reports will be provided to each team (upon request) for monitoring their students.
  • Discussion of repetitive behavior and a corrective plan should occur between the teacher and parent. Check with the CST for Special Education students, who may already have a Behavior Intervention Plan in place.
  • Classroom management plans must be communicated to all student and parents.
  • The Point System will be communicated to parents and students in September and posted on school website as a continuous reminder.
  • Points will be assigned to the behavior referrals by the Assistant Principal. Behavior Referrals must accompany any student sent to the office. Office Time Out is not permitted at the middle school level. Should a student need space, they are to report to their counselor.
  • Students will return to class once processed unless their behavior is unsafe or creates a major disruption to the class.
  • Referrals will be returned if no teacher intervention was noted.
  • Teacher Intervention must include parent contact.


            Parent contact is critical from the start to insure consistency and good communication.  Teachers assigning Lunch Detention must monitor the students they assign. Lunch detention tables in the cafeteria are for students that misbehave in the cafeteria or are assigned as a consequence from the assistant principal, not as a catch-all for classroom issues, unless you have lunch duty during your students lunch period.  All teachers must be diligent in the hallway between classes. The way the students enter your room sets the tone for the class.


This Point System will provide a consistent approach to school rules and clarify expected guidelines for behavior. I believe it provides students with a clear focus that must be established early in the year. It will work if we are consistent and take ownership for maintaining a positive learning environment, in the classroom and throughout the building. 


Thank you for your continued support.