Strasser, Justin

Football Gear.pngWelcome to " Mr. Strasser's" Class Website!

Room:113 & GymnasiumBasketball.png

Contact Information: Justin Strasser
Phone:(732) 699-1577

September:Fitnessgram and Cooperative Games
October: Soccer
November: Football and Yoga
December: Floor Hockey
January: Fitnessgram Testing
February: Basketball and Dance
March: Speedball
April: Volleyball

I am one of the male teachers of Conackamack's Health and Physical Education Program. I will have the opportunity to teach your son or daughter for all three years of their school career at Conackamack. This is a great opportunity for me to get to see your children grow into young adults.

 The Health and Physical Education program at Conackamack is molded around all skill levels, interests and needs. We do our best to create a positive, fun and healthful environment for all our students. Students all begin with a 100 % percent in our classes and are able to keep that grade depending on their level of effort. Students are given opportunities for extra credit and make up work in order to achieve success in the Health and Physical Education program. I am looking forward to working with all our students here at Conackamack. If you have any questions of concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time. I am most accessible via email, but can be reached on the phone as well.

The 2015-16 Health and Physical Education Program is in full effect! Each student will have Physical Education for the entire year while rotating into health for one 2 week session per marking period. Therefore, students will not be pulled out for an entire marking period of Health anymore. Classes will be 60 minutes every other day. Our department  prides our program on Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition and Life Long & Seasonal Sports. Students are exposed to a variety of athletic and academic subjects during Health and P.E, which they can apply to everyday life.