Central Detention

Central Detention - after school
Central Detentions are assigned by the administration through the behavior referral system. It is one of the actions taken as a consequence for behaviors to avoid as outlined in the Student Handbook and the District Code of Student Conduct. Students are notified and a copy of the referral is sent home to inform parents. Direct parent contact is made, depending on the nature of the incident, by both the staff member referring the student and administration.

Central Detentions are scheduled every Thursday and transportation is not provided for students serving detention.

Detention can be from 2:30 to 3:00 or up to 3:30 as determined by the Assistant Principal and communicated to parents. Advance notice is given for parents to make arrangements for transportation if students can not walk home.

Failure to serve an assigned detention will result in additional detention time or suspension from school.
Please discuss with your child the importance of following all school guidelines for behavioral expectations to avoid the need for this and other consequences as established by the district.

You can refer to the District Code of Student Conduct and our Student Handbook for other disciplinary procedures and policies.

Thank you for your support.