School Service (in lieu of suspension)

School Service
School Service is a program designed to provide students with an option for suspension. It can also be assigned as a higher level of consequence for students who demonstrate a pattern of misbehavior. The program is monitored by a staff member who supervise students through a variety of activities that require them to reflect on their behavior, develop a plan, and provide positive service for the school community. This may include but not be limited to a reflective writing, light maintenance inside or outside. This  may include emptying recycle bins or helping to file or hang flyers in the school.
Program Goal:
  • To reduce the number of repeat incidents of suspension-level breaches of student conduct during the 2016-2017 school year.
Program Objectives:
  • All Students will select a sample conflict and compare it to their current situation.
  • All Students will brainstorm solutions that would replace “faulty” ones.
  • All Students will discover and demonstrate appropriate decisions as compared to inappropriate ones.

Facilitator: Dr. Kelvin Rogers

  • Orientation with student and phone conference with parent. Parent will be given website and information regarding the importance and pros of a School Service Program as compared to Out of School Suspensions.
  • Student will reflect on actions and choices that resulted in his/her referral to CMS School Service Program. 
  • Students will also select a sample conflict and reflect on it as it relates to their current situation. They will then share the conflict, compare and contrast with their current situation and brainstorm appropriate solutions that would have resulted in a more appropriate outcome.
  • During the time the student serves he/she will complete a reflection, community service time & post feelings/attitudes toward  the program.
  • Communicate the progress of student with parents after completion of the School Service Program.
  • Schedule post meeting with referring teacher (if any) and student to discuss referral, actions/choices, CMS School Service Program, etc. 
  • Administer post survey: What did you gain from this experience? Do you feel that as a result of this program you will make better choices? Do you see yourself making the same choice that resulted in CMS School Service Program?
  • Continue to monitor student’s progress.
  • Report results of program to building administrators including Student, Teacher, Demographics, # of Referrals, Reason for Referral.