Educational Links
 The web links provided below are resources you can use for practicing math concepts but also to review concepts you learned in class in order to do homework assignments or to effectively prepare for tests. Simply click on the link title to go to the website.

Educational websites -math
Link - description Rating - great source for interactive math practice with instant feedback; organized by grade and concept.
Khan academy
Source of unlimited practice with instant feedback. Organized by grade, content and concept. Also, it is a great place to watch informational videos that will walk you through nearly any type of math problem you may be having trouble with. Just enter the concept you interested in and you will find step by step videos. This web is entirely free, easy to use, and extremely helpful.
Math playground
This is an interactive site that has math games, logic puzzles, word problems, and math videos. There are many math concepts covered such as linear equations, area and perimeter, angles, velocity, transformations, fractions, etc. Great for reinforcing the concepts students learned in school.
Sheppard software
Many great games organized by concept
Educational website - local and global news
Link - description Rating
News for students
We learn from the news and our children can too. Even though I teach math I believe that math can be found in majority of the events that happen every day. Furthermore, as a teacher and a parent I know how important it is for our children to learn about daily events first because it expands our knowledge of the world around us but also because it gives us something to talk about with family members and friends. Here is a link to website called Student News Daily.