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Welcome to Ms. Taylor's Science Classroom!

                 Grade 6           Science 2018-19

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Phone number:732-699-1577 ext 5171.  
Best time to reach me: after 2:30pm daily via email.
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FOR DAILY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS PLEASE CHECK MY "Schoology" Science Page for your student's class at:


Matter Matters

Matter Matters!!


Welcome to the 6th Grade Earth Physical Science  and Chemistry course! This year will be exciting as we dig our heel into  Physical Sciences, Chemistry, and NGSS way of learning science! We will 
practice the following of  the Scientific Method and the new way of writing Lab Reports in the 6th grade as we complete numerous labs and inquiries!



  *If a student is absent, there are copies of all notes and worksheets in the classroom as students know where they are located. It is their responsibility to obtain not only what they are missing, but also hand in work that needed to be handed in when they were not in class.


*Binder Checks will take place  8 times throughout the year, sometimes without notice so make sure all work is neat, organized, and completed.


*Lastly, please do not hesitate to email me with any concerns throughout the year!








Suggested Ideas That Have Been Proven to Help Your Student With Their Study Habits and Improve Their Science Grades:

1. Check their HW every night on Schoology...use the link on this page for their science page. There is HW 4 nights a week.

2.  Review their binder for organization each week since this is their textbook.

3.  Encourage your student to research new free apps and websites on their own on their iPAD to enhance their understanding....they have the world at their fingertips!

4. Make a game out of Reviews for an Assessment and get the whole family involved! Make a Jeopardy  Board with rewards or points towards their favorite things...

5.  Lastly, always review all Power Points (ON SCHOOLOGY IN DAILY UPDATES) and Cornell Notes.

......Happy Studying!