The Piscataway Middle School Community believes that youth in the middle grades are capable of learning and achieving at high levels. We dedicate our efforts to creating exemplary middle schools that provide equal access to quality education that is responsive to the developmental needs, talents, and interests of all students. Administrators, Teachers and Support Staff subscribe to the slogan "Children First", and are committed to providing every child with what they need to learn and grow in our community.  Our goal at Conackamack is to provide a safe, welcoming environment that is academically stimulating and a lot of fun!

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Welcome to Conackamack
Middle School!


Principal: Mrs. Donna DeAngelis White

Acting Dean of Students: Mr. James Overton


School Anti-Bullying Specialist: Alia Siegrist
732-699-1577 Ext. 5117

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: David Rubin

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