Welcome to STEM Club's Official Webpage
What is Engineering?
If you enjoy solving problems then engineering may be the career for you. There are many types of engineers and all of them are problem solvers. In the STEM club you have a choice of what challenges you want to take part in. Each of the challenges will require research, brainstorming, teamwork, prototype building, and testing.
During your prototype build you may need to use some of the typical woodshop tools. This includes hammers, screw drivers, drills, rulers, and sand paper. Before using any of these, you will need to be trained. Safety is rule number one.
Do you need to attend every week?

Yes! While there are many slots open for STEM Club there are times when students will need to be placed on a wait list. Two un excused absences will lead to dismissal from the club roster. If another opening is available the student will be readmitted.

Do I need to finish what I started?

Students MUST finish a project before working on something else. If the project is not completed and the student begins something else they risk being dismissed from the club. 

Below is a list of some of the projects you will be able to work on. There is no specific order however, you must complete one before moving on to other projects.
Rube Goldberg Machine - If you do not know what a Rube Goldberg Machine is, please click on the Rube Goldberg link at the left hand side of the page.
Trebuchet - If you do not know what a Trebuchet is type it in on any search engine.
Rubber Band Cars - We will be testing the car for speed, distance, and accuracy.
Balloon Cars -This is very similar to a rubber band car.
Strongest Bridge - Students will need to build the strongest bridge given a budget and 50 popsicle sticks.
Various Computer Games - All of these games will make you think and use one of the classrooms new Mac laptops. All of these games are listed on

iPad Applications - students can use their iPad in almost every facet of the club. There are numerous apps like Minecraft, Angry Birds, Simple Physics, Tinker Box, etc. 
Post-It Challenge - Can you hang yourself from the ceiling using only post-it notes? Good luck.
Try it, Disassemble it, Re-Build it, Try it - Basically this is what it sounds like. First we turn it on, then we take it apart, then we put it together, then we try it again. Will it still work? I hope so. We are always looking for working electronic devices if you would like to donate. Right now we have disasembled an old computer... I hope we can get it to work again.
Imagination Land - If you don't like these activities please pitch one. The club is only limited by imagination and the supplies we have in the classroom. If you want to work on an invention, go for it!